Jiwa Damai is a hands-on, socially responsible organic garden and > retreat center . We are located amidst lush tropical vegetation in the heart of Bali. We provide a sanctuary in an idyllic, powerful environment where guests can experience tranquility and re-connect to the life-giving qualities of the earth.

It is a meeting place for people from all over the world to find and initiate peace; to learn from each other and the land. Beautifully decorated guest rooms, a spacious lounge and dining area, a fresh water pool, several ponds and a large > permaculture garden all situated within an abundant tropical vegetation make Jiwa Damai a perfect retreat place to relax in alignment with nature, learn about permaculture principles and find time for reflection and contemplation.

Permaculture Design Course Through The Heart

The uniqueness of this Permaculture Certificate Design Course is the combination of permaculture theory and practice. Learn to understand nature through observation and discovery, and then develop a design for your own garden in alignment with nature. All learning is based on honoring the fundamental ethics of earth care, people care, and fair share, which are the basis of permaculture. 

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We offer yoga and meditation classes for our guests and we regularly hold seminars and workshops with local and international participation. We have a thriving permaculture > internship program . We also rent our facilities to workshop facilitators and organizers wanting to offer their own seminars and retreats. All income derived from Jiwa Damai is returned to the community through projects and programs run by  > Lagu Damai Foundation .

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  • 1 Parking (Tempat Parkir)
  • 2 Open Air Lounge (Lounge Terbuka)
  • 3 Office (Kantor)
  • 4 Open Air Dining Space (Ruang Makan Sehat)
  • 5 Guest Rooms (Akomodasi)
  • 6 Three Springs Water Pool (Kolam 3 Mata Air)
  • 7 Childrens Swimming Pool (Kolam Anak-anak)
  • 8 Seating Areas (Tempat Tingal)
  • 9 Pond (Kolam Hias)
  • 10 Open Air Bath & Balinese Toilet (Permandian Terbuka)
  • 11 Balinese 'Lumbung'
  • 12 Balinese 'Kubu'
  • 13 Coconut House

  • 14 Balinese Ceremonial Garden (Kebun Tanaman Upacara)
  • 15 Biological Septic Tank (Bak Pengolahan Air)
  • 16 Place of Tree Spirit - Meditation Area (Pelataran Run Pohon)
  • 17 Vegetable Garden (Kebun Sayuran)
  • 18 Coconut Forest
  • 19 Mandala Garden (Kebun Berbentuk Mandala)
  • 20 Pumpkin Garden (Kebun Berbentuk Buah Labu)
  • 21 Fire Place
  • 22 Home of Water Angel (Rumah Bidadari Air)
  • 23 Reforested Area

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