Organic Garden

Our vision is to create a self-sustaining center, integrating biological permaculture with water preservation, waste recycling and application of solar energy. In addition we want to provide a meeting place for individuals from all over the world to learn about tropical fauna and flora and to foster know- how exchange in the field of agro-permaculture.

Click here for a video on coconut harvesting.

Organic Garden 
Our permaculture garden is designed in accordance with nature. We practice sustainable biological gardening based on EM-Technologies (effective microorganisms).
A focus is to preserve rare species of indigenous plants. One area of the garden contains a variety of medicinal herbs, in other areas we grow plants for Balinese ceremonies as well as organic vegetables and fruit.
Springs and ponds 
The land is blessed with several natural springs which produce high quality water. The water is naturally circulated into the ponds surrounding the buildings and then flows into the agro gardens to water the plants. The ponds and water have been exposed to EM-Technology and as a result the breeding of mosquitoes has been significantly reduced.
Sewage and compost 
A large compost area was introduced to compost all materials with EM technology in order to produce a healthy fertilizer.
A four-part open septic tank, based on EM and biological principles, is installed for recycling human waste.
A solar energy unit is presently being developed. Electricity and warm water derived from panels are feasible.
Internships and volunteering
We offer opportunities in the agro-permaculture area to volunteers from all countries, who wish to experience working side by side with our local team and explore the Balinese culture and the wealth of tropical vegetation. We also offer internships incl. super-vision in project-management to students from all fields.
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