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PsychoPoliticalPeace Institute
Organizes and presents seminars about HeartSelfIntelligence, Initiating Peace and Psychology of Nations

Lagu Damai - Peace Work
Foundation sponsoring projects and eduction of youth in Indonesia

Schule fuer HerzSelbstIntelligenz
School for transpersonal psychotherapy, psychology and education in Giessen, Germany

Personal training, yoga, counseling, energy treatments, healing massages in Munich, Germany

Yoga Centers Directory
Global guide to studios, instructors and retreat centers

Angkor Zen Retreat Center Cambodia
Retreat Center for meditation, yoga, teaching of Buddhism and vegetarian food in Siem Reap Cambodia

JIWA Damai in the PRESS: 

Article about Jiwa Damai in the german magazine OYA



Jiwa Damai Image Video

Coconut harvest

Rambutan harvest

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